Meters, Billing & General Information


Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices were first implemented by Phoenix Gas in 2011 allowing Phoenix Gas to gather your month end meter reads much more quickly and efficiently.  As we drive throughout our distribution area, our automated reader collects the meter reads. There may be the occasion where an AMR device fails and your read will need to be collected manually. When an AMR fails, we make every attempt to have it changed out prior to completing the following month’s reads.

Please ensure your meter is easily accessible for manual reads and meter maintenance. Snow should be cleared from around your meter during the winter months. Permanent structures such as patio decks should not be built over your meter set in a manner that prevents ease of access.

Field staff must be able to easily access all piping going into your meter as well as easily access your meter for needed meter changes. To have your meter moved, contact our office.



Meter read files are reviewed by office staff prior to the completing the end of month bill statements. If you have a question on your billed consumption, contact our office and we can review your bill with you.

We make every attempt to release the month end bill statements throughout the first full week of the month.  Holidays may impact the release of the bills by a few days or even the delivery of your bill by mail. If you would like to receive your bill by email, call or email our office and we can arrange that for you.

The Cost of Gas is broken down in the memo section of your bill each month. The Natural Gas Cost and the Gas Alberta Transportation costs are the rates we are charged monthly directly from Gas Alberta. The Phoenix Transportation fee is reviewed annually by our Board of Directors and has not increased since 2015.

The riser charge is a monthly set fee and is also reviewed on a regular basis by our Board of Directors. The current riser fee of $30.00 was set in August of 2010.

The Fuel Charge is not within our control. This is a Federal Government program which we are mandated to take part in. For questions or concerns on the Fuel Charge please contact your local MLA or the Government of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency

For customers who prefer to pay the same amount each month, Equalized Billing is a great option. Contact our office for details



The following are accepted;

  • Online banking
  • Debit
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Cheque
  • Pre-authorized debit



If you have sold your property, contact our office at least 1 month prior to the closing date so we may arrange for a final read, transfer of your utility, and final billing.

If you have purchased a property, contact our office prior to moving. Ensure you have the legal land location of the property as this is how we file and search for a utility.