Phoenix Gas has a wide assortment of equipment available to complete a variety of construction needs for residential and commercial customers.



New Gas Service

Residential Services

Phoenix Gas will complete the full construction of your new gas service to include registration of any Utility Right of Way documentation, administration of any required Crossing Agreements, a site visit, installation of the gas line to your location, installation of your meter set and witnessing your air test.

An Application for Natural Gas Service Installation is required for new services and will be accepted all year round at the regular contribution amounts approved. It is recommended you contact our office and complete your application a minimum of three months prior to gas service being required allowing time for  completion of required administration and scheduling of your installation. All applications will be reviewed before acceptance based on the volume of applications already received for the construction year.

A Customer Contract will be issued for signature and approval once your application has been approved.

Any additional fees will be assessed for those installations to be completed at the customer’s request in winter frost conditions.

Contact our office to discuss your new gas service installation needs.

Grain Dryer Services

Grain dryer services are evaluated based on your dryer requirements. Contact our office for further details.

Secondary Gas Service

A secondary gas service is any work completed from the outlet of the meter.  Secondary gas services can be installed by Phoenix Gas or a company of your choosing. Phoenix Gas can provide you with a quote and estimated timeline for installation of a secondary gas service based on the details provided.

Prior to installation, you must complete an Alberta OneCall to ensure all lines for power, phone, cable, internet and existing gas secondaries are marked and located. Phoenix Gas will locate the main gas line providing service to your land location.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner and those hired to install the secondary to notify Phoenix Gas of any additional load to the existing meter should the gas supply not be adequate. It is not our practice or responsibility to track secondary installations completed by a third party.

It is important to note that a secondary service can only be installed on the legal land detailed on your land title. A new gas service installation would be required for any installation otherwise.

Contact our office to discuss your secondary gas service needs.


Trenching, Plowing and Directional Drilling

Phoenix Gas has the equipment needed to complete your project’s trenching, plowing and drilling needs. Costs are calculated on the length and depth to be trenched and the width and depth to be drilled or plowed. A quote can be provided based on the details of the project.

Any additional fees will be assessed for those projects to be completed at the customer’s request in winter frost conditions.

Contact our office with your project needs and we can assist you.


Contact our office with your project needs. We can complete a site visit, discuss your needs and provide a quote.